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Incentive Offers

We have access to select offers of certain travel agencies that connect millions of hotels and restaurants worldwide.

These promotions include:

Hotel Savings Cards – they are like cash in hotels on their booking system – you would get hotel vacancies at wholesale prices with Hotel Savings Cards

Complimentary vacations – Hotels are often willing to offer their unused vacancies for free in the hope of generating revenue on other services at hand (dining, casino, etc)

You can test these incentives at no risk! Easy as a link click in the email you receive from us.

In exchange for your efforts to help us rate our partners so other customers would feel confident choosing our services, we offer the following incentives for you:

– $500 Hotel Savings Card for signing up with our referred contractor
– Complimentary vacation for your honest review – 3 nights Las Vegas hotel or 5 nights Cancun beach resort ($800-$1,300 value)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free hotel nights for two person – 3 nights in Las Vegas or 5 nights on a Cancun beach resort / your choice. ($200-$300/day value)

You will be responsible for personal expenses such as taxes and resort fees ($40/Night), food and beverages as well as transportation

No presentations to watch or any other distraction.

A Hotel Savings Card allows you to reduce your hotel stay from retail to wholesale price
It is next to CASH in millions of hotels including all the big brands

You can pay up to 50% of your hotel stay using Hotel Saving Cards

Worldwide use

Easy to activate, just click link in the email you receive from us

1. Let us know you signed up with our contractor and we send you an email in 24 hours with your $500 Hotel Savings Card (send email to: contact@hvaccompanyglendale.com)
2. Leave us a review about the job done to receive your complimentary vacation (send email to: contact@hvaccompanyglendale.com)
3. Let us know in the email your prefered destination (Las Vegas/Cancun). You can name the recipient should you wish to gift the vacation to a loved one.
4. We send you an email with an activation link giving access to the hotels offering their vacancies for free. Watch this short video to learn how to activate the offer.
5. You have 15 days to activate the offer (pay tax) and 18 months to travel
6. If you don’t activate the offer within 15 days, it will expire costing you nothing. If you change your mind later you are welcome to contact us for another invitation link.

Be flexible with dates. Hotels can decide when to give away their vacancies, you will need to agree on the days with them. So plan ahead!

One vacation/person/year is allowed
Group travels are not allowed (just one room for free at a time)
We are not responsible for the outcome of your booking process, we just forward the invitation link. Here to help though, shoot us a message with any questions!

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